Free Shipping Over $35

Introducing: Build Your Own Snack Boxes!

At Canteen we have always been dedicated to bringing break time to America. Now that we are all in various states of sheltering in place, working from home, working remotely, or are essential and working out of the home - a good, meaningful, and tasty break is more important than ever.

To continue to help you take the best breaks - we're happy to launch our build-your-own snack box option.

It's simple: add at least $40 of snacks to your cart and your shipping will be free (as long as you're in the lower 48 + DC). Snacks will be delivered right to you (or a friend, or a family member, or anyone!).

Be on the lookout for new products added to the site each week.

We're excited to keep bringing you the best break time possible. Because, right now, we could all use a better break...

Stay well, friends!