Black-Owned Innovation: Partake Foods

Black-Owned Innovation: Partake Foods

Mothers always want to protect their children; they will do anything to make sure they're taken care of and loved every day. One of those super moms/CEOs is Denise Woodard. According to, when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Denise created Partake, an allergy-friendly food that those with or without food restrictions can enjoy and share with confidence. The snacks all are certified gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. The cookies are also free of the top 9 allergens (wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk, eggs, soy, fish, sesame, and shellfish).

Partake is an innovative Black woman-owned company that strives to not only give you the best ingredients but also fight food insecurities. According to their website “Food allergies affect 1 in 13 children across the country, and (according to Black children are at a significantly higher risk of developing these allergies.” Partake is taking the steps to make sure they are producing foods that can help children live happy, fun lives without parents worrying about what is in their snacks.

Denise is also involved in helping students, specifically HBCU Students. Denise has a passion for raising awareness of Black and female entrepreneurship. This is huge to help give our youth a step up in the right direction and learn early. According to their website, “In 2020, Denise founded Black Futures in Food & Beverage. An annual fellowship program that mentors HBCU students and helps them secure internships and jobs at the program’s end.” This is putting action to the company’s values and beliefs. Not only do they say it, but they are acting on it. Denise wants to see more success stories in the black and female community, and she helps by using her company to give back. Not only are they giving back with money, but she is also giving back with real-world experiences that these students will carry with them for a lifetime.

Support Partake foods and enjoy their delicious cookies in our Diverse Brands Snack Box here.


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