Black Innovation in Snacks

Black Innovation in Snacks

Black History is all around us, it is in many of the products we use in our everyday life today. According to, some of the products created by black innovators include items like, the folding chair, gas masks, traffic signals, automatic elevator doors, potato chips and the super soaker. These inventions have have lived and evolved throughout our lives and are essential products in todays world.

Black innovation is also in the snack and coffee industry. From brands like BLK & Bold, Partake, Just Water, Me & the Bees Lemonade, and Pipcorn to name a few. These brands are elevating some of our favorite foods and beverages. Throughout the month of February, Canteen will celebrate and highlight these Black Owned businesses.

Through this month, we will share the stories of these brands and show how they are innovating – not just through flavor – but through how they are producing in a more sustainable way, using portions of their profits to give back to our youth, helping to give opportunities that a lot of us didn’t have growing up, and many more stories. We believe in these brands, and we hope after reading these series of posts you choose them in your next purchase.

To help support these brands and their innovations try our diverse brands snack box here, this box aims to highlight the diversity in the snacking industry.


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